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A dinner on the Seine

A dinner on the Seine


"It's our wedding anniversary in a few days and I don't know where to take my wife, I would like an intimate place and still a little magical". "Grandma is 80 years old in ten days and we would like to gather around a table to celebrate this beautiful evening with her". "I would like to link a cordial professional alliance with Mr. Dubois and would like to invite him to a restaurant but I don't know which one". And if for all these different events a single proposal could be made to you? And if you just dined on a houseboat on the Seine?


Individuals or professionals, come to dine on the Seine.


The decor lends itself to several situations. The calm of the Parisian night, the reflection of the city on the water that carries the houseboat, the gentle movement of the boat which offers each time new sets ... whether you are in front of Grandma or Mr. Dubois, believe us, this evening will be unforgettable. Dinners worthy of the greatest French tables proposed by the kitchens of the Seine boats and the decor naturally offered by Paris, will guarantee a successful dinner. Choose an intimate and luxurious boat to sign a big contract. Instead, choose a warm boat with great food for a family dinner. And if you are a couple the choice is so wide that I can't list here.



Booking Seine offers all the dinners of the Seine.

Whether you are a couple or a larger committee, you can choose from a wide range of boats of different sizes offering eclectic culinary expertise. Embark on a cruise or docked. Prestigious restaurant or to eat on the run. You will find exactly the right formula for a successful dinner on the Seine. And Booking Seine is here to accompany you in your search. All you have to do is enter the selection criteria and you will then be able to choose the boat that corresponds to you through the boat records. Booking Seine remains transparent as much on the prices as on the services and we invite our friendly customers not to hesitate to contact us directly on 01 42 25 41 92.