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Anecdotes about the bridges of Paris

Paris is also its historic bridges that dress the Seine, each with their particular presence.

 Anecdotes about the bridges of Paris

Paris is the Eiffel Tower, the city of lovers, Paris is the barges, but Paris is also its historic bridges that dress the Seine, each with their particular presence.

Currently the magic capital has 37 bridges over the Seine and dozens more on the canals and over the ring road. Iron, stone, gilded or sober, each bridge is worth seeing. But do you know the bridges of Paris and the anecdotes that inhabit them?

Well, we start with a meal. The Pont Neuf is the oldest bridge in Paris. Yes, that you knew, I start slowly. On the other hand, could you name the architectural masterpiece that was born of the damage of the French Revolution? Well, as crazy as it seems, the bridge of Concorde was built with stones recovered after the storming of the Bastille. The recycling of the enslaving past in the service of art is not a good example? Another example? Did you know that the nymphs wearing the Alexander 3 bridge wear the armor of the French army but also ... Russian. At the time, we knew how to make peace.




Besides, where is the Marianne on the red square? Not even a little Phrygian cap? I'm kidding Mr. Putin, I'm kidding. Another anecdote, the Petit Pont for its part burned completely in one night, taking all the surrounding wooden houses in a huge fire, because ... of a candle sent to the Seine by a mother who had lost her son by water. Go again, I want to tell you everything I've been taught. The bridge of the Alma him, is very known for its zouave. This zouave, however, had not alwaysknow his annual foot dip so lonely. Indeed, this bridge was completely rebuilt between 1970 and 1974, and the grenadier, the hunter and the gunner who accompagnied it were scattered everywhere in France. We hope that the zouave appreciates this constant silence (and especially this flood finally finished). Again? The statue of Saint Genevieve on the bridge of Tournelle is the cousin of the impressive Corcovado since cut by the same artist. The Arcole bridge is the legacy of the name of a brave French soldier who braved the enemy arrows to drop a French flag in the middle. In rendering his last breath this one would have said "My name is Arcole, avenge me". This bridge would have nothing to do with the famous Napoleonic battle.


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Well I admit to having plenty of anecdotes to tell you but I prepare a full article on the history of the 13 bridges under which spend the daily cruises of the Seine.

See you soon.